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past and Present

The largest city in western Massachusetts, has a long and rich history of innovation and culture. Founded in 1636 as Agawam Plantation by William Pynchon and a group of settlers from Roxbury, the city was renamed Springfield in 1641 and became the northernmost settlement of the Connecticut Colony1. The city survived a devastating attack by Native Americans during King Philip’s War in 1675 and rebuilt itself as a prosperous trading post and agricultural center1.

In 1794, Springfield became the site of the first and only National Armory, which produced firearms and ammunition for the U.S. military until 19681.  Springfield is the birthplace of many inventions and discoveries, such as the first American-English dictionary, the first gasoline-powered car, the first motorcycle, vulcanized rubber, the assembly line, and the sport of basketball12. Today, Springfield is a vibrant and diverse city, with a population of 153,606 as of 20103.  It is also the birthplace and inspiration of the beloved children’s author Dr. Seuss, whose whimsical characters and stories are celebrated throughout the city2.

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Water Damage Restoration in Springfield MA

Our experienced team is dedicated to providing top-notch services to help you get back on your feet after unexpected disasters. Whether it’s fire damage, water damage, or mold infestation, we are your go-to restoration experts in Worcester County, Hamden County, and Hampshire County, Massachusetts. Call us today if you need water damage restoration services in Springfield MA.

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