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Leominster past and Present

Leominster, Massachusetts, has a storied past that began long before its official incorporation. The area was originally inhabited by the Pennacook or Nipmuc Native Americans, who settled along the Nashua River, taking advantage of its fertile soil for agriculture. European settlers arrived in the mid-17th century, and the town was officially founded as part of Lancaster in 1653. Named after the Herefordshire town of Leominster in England, it faced turmoil during King Philip’s War in 1675, which disrupted the peaceful coexistence between the settlers and native people. Despite these early challenges, Leominster was incorporated as a town on June 23, 1740, and later became a city on November 2, 1915. The city’s industrial history is marked by the comb industry, which began in 1775 when Obadiah Hills made combs from animal horns123.

Presently, Leominster is the second-largest city in Worcester County, with a population of 43,646 as of the 2022 census. It is a hub of activity and culture, known as the birthplace of Johnny Appleseed and nicknamed the “Pioneer Plastics City” for its significant role in the plastics industry. The city’s residents are a tapestry of inventors, musicians, artists, and other creative individuals who contribute to its legendary status. Leominster continues to honor its history while looking towards the future, with projects like the Downtown Common Project aiming to enhance accessibility and highlight the city’s historical monuments145.

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