What To Do After A House Fire

Wait for permission to enter

The danger is not over when the flames are extinguished. Your house remains dangerous even after the fire has died. Smoke and soot residue, toxic gas, and unseen structural damage can make your home a hazardous place to be. Always wait until a professional has inspected it for safety before reentering.

Call Your Utility Providers

Because you have to exit the home quickly, there is usually no time to shut off your utilities. In some cases, the firefighters will do this for you. Be sure to contact all utility providers and shut off all utilities until the fire marshal has given you the all-clear.

Start The Insurance Claims Process

Call your insurance provider immediately after the fire occurs. If your policy covers fire, call your provider as soon as you have the fire under control. The company will guide you through their particular process for claims. Take photographs of the damage and document everything at this stage.

Call A Restoration Service

Once the fire is under control and you have called the insurance company, it is time to consider cleanup and restoration. That’s when you can call on the experienced restoration technicians at Lilly’s Restoration to clean and repair the damage. We bil your insurance company directly so there are never any upfront costs to you during this difficult experience.

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